Saturday, November 19, 2005

Satori in Sayulita

Beautiful, lush, rolling coutryside? CHECK.

Sleepy, picturesque, remote Mexican surfing/fishing town? CHECK.

Fish tacos and sleeping dogs on the beach? CHECK.

Some of the best surf in Mexico? CHECK.

Greatful Dead surf painted pick up? CHECK.

These guys? CHECK.

And these? YUP!

Fucking awesome mexican hippy drum circle en la plaza? SURE.

Some more of these? WHY, THANK YOU!

Drunken Mexican sailor being loaded into truck? NIGHTLY.

Oranges Band album cover? CHECK.

Requisite endless summer shot? CHECK.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I Feel So Sexy Now

SelectorGT: Wow
SelectorGT: so what's up with that snowman?
rr: "some officials concerned about drug message"
SelectorGT: a def jam spokesperson declined to comment
rr: note to CNN:
rr: "hoe please."
SelectorGT: A professor from Cornell says that pop culture may have some effect on kids and drug use
SelectorGT: imagine..
rr: NO
rr: !!!!
SelectorGT: Dr. Gilbert Botvin, director of the Institute for Prevention Research at Cornell University Medical College, has been studying what influences children to use drugs and alcohol. He believes that pop culture does play a role. "The research tells us that influences coming from the media can have a profound effect on kids and influence them to use drugs," he says. "All of these things help to convey the impression that engaging in these behaviors using drugs is normal and that drugs might help you be successful or sexy or something."
SelectorGT: it's so fucking crazy
rr: dear dr Gilbert Botvin:
rr: drugs DO Make you successful and sexy.
rr: Gilbert Botvin, professor of the mundane and obvious, PhD.
SelectorGT: OK, I'm blogging this
rr: ok!
rr: PS whats a blog?
rr: can i eat it?
SelectorGT: no, YOU SNORT IT!
rr: perfect
rr: i feel so sexy now

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