Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shipbuilding: Diving For Dear Life, When We Should Be Diving For Pearls

Once upon a time there was a planet.

A peaceful place with just the right climate. Inhabitable. Temperate. Air to breath, water to drink, bountiful harvests. A warm sun that fueled every living thing with it's radiant energy...wait. Hold up. That's not right.

OH, THAT'S RIGHT! It's actually a god-forsaken wasteland of eternal winters, howling winds, dark, brooding skies, pelting rains, ice and snow twenty-four-FUCKING-SEVEN! I FORGOT!

RF recently told me I was using too much profanity on the blog and that my writing was actually wittier without it. Well, Rick, that was a good point, and well taken, but GODDAMN IT THIS MOTHERFUCKING SHIT-ASS WINTER HAS GOT TO FUCKING STOP! DO I NEED TO BUILD A FUCKING ARK?! Am I a fucking weary, maddened Prospero, hurling useless profanities at the Tempest?!

With THAT off the collective chest, spring is hereby announced.

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