Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fearless Vampire Killers

Yes, it's the name of Bad Brains track. It's also the name of this blog.

You see, the mp3 blogs have become a bit of an obsession around my house. About five months back, my man John B called me up positively beaming on some "You aint up on this." He was plugging something called Dungen, and after a brief description, I could tell holmes had clearly beaten The Fader to the hipster punch. Swedish psychedelia, what?! Needless to say, this particular "music business professional" had been served a steaming dish of humble pie; "I'm Losing My Edge," or something to that effect. So it was on that fateful day our unwitting seer John B said "What, you don't know about the mp3 blogs?! I'm about to change your life forever..."

Well, he got that right. Five months later I'm fully up on The Dap Kings and Annie and the like. Beatles MOOG covers. Elvis Presley/Lee Scratch Perry mash-ups. Things that only exist in the blogosphere. I didn't know it, but life seemed kinda incomplete without Cocaine Blunts. Now everything has changed. It's like somebody turned on the light.

"I gotta get a blog..."

I'm not really sure what Fearless Vampire Killers is going to be about, or how it's going to evolve. After having been to the end of the "intranet" and back, I'm pretty sure it's not going to be an mp3 blog. Y'all are seriously focused out there, and I'm not going to even pretend the crates run that deep around my way, though you may see a bomb tune from time to time. You also may see some sort of cultural "commentary" (read: "rants"). We here at Fearless Vampire Killers reserve the right to bury a soundbwoy when necessary.

I've been postponing this first post for too long. I have to admit, January has brought a bit of "sturm unt drang" around SelectorGT's astral plane. I mean, shit is just crazy. Today, for example, Iraq is having a thing called "elections." Plus, I didn't know what to name the blog, and I got too many peeps out there that have their blog game seriously up. Stakes is high. But last night, I had one of those ill Vampire dreams - second in as many weeks - that wakes you up in a sweat and sends you running to your therapist's couch. (Note to self: get a therapist in '05). This morning, armed with a cup of strong coffee and the Best of UGK, I said "Kill the Vampire, kid,"

So welcome to Fearless Vampire Killers. Pascal and I had an idea to start up a Grateful Dead/Bad Brains mash-up cover band, but I think this is a way better look.

oh, and shout to fam:

Young Els
Soul Sides
Dip Set

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